November 10, 2010

Nov. 18th Bad Boys & Naughty Girls pawty at NipClub!!!

@LeoPussMan and @FreshOtis, two #BAdBoyzOfTwitter have come up with our next theme pawty at NipClub!!! See their blog at

On Thursday Nov. 18th NipClub will be the naughtiest place on the web!!.....well.....maybe not THE naughtiest....@KingTuttiFruiti's Bachelor pad is THE naughtiest place on the web....but we're gonna have a fun night letting our naughty sides show. Even if it's just for fun.

So get your best "bad boy" and "naughty girl" get-ups on and come pawty at NipClub. Remember we open at 4 pm Eastern now and run til at least Midnight.

If you just wanna be yourself, that's fine too. We love having you at #NipClub no matter how you come.

Here's a few of our very own naughty boys and girls:

@AutumntheDoxie innocent pup or ferocius DJ beast?
@MaggieTKat Shaken, not stirred, but stirring up the heat!!
@MarioDaCat Mixing up mischief and shakin' his tail for the ladies!
@HOOKALOPES!!!!! Nuf Said
@_Bill_The_Cat livin' it up at the go-go club!!
@TinyPearlCat as gangsta as they come
@KingTuttiFruit plays the field, chasin' the strange MOL
@theNascarKitty fierce!!!!
@LeoPussMan bad boy biker

@FreshOtis Bad Boy Biker


Mariodacat said...

oMG --- what a night this is going to be. Love it.

TinyPearlCat said...

Woooweemeow! Its gonna be somethin wild!

Leornardo said...

YowwwwwZaaaa! Tonite wuz a "sneek peak" of next week's pawty at #NipClub! Da #BadBoyzOfTwitter are Bad to the Bone! See yoo all there...

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