August 12, 2010

SPECIAL THEME: Coming in a few weeks: (Probably Aug. 25th)

Put on your creative thinking caps....we're gonna have a special theme night!! We're gonna have the first ever (OK, well the first #NipClub ever version) of INTERSPECIES DRAG-CLUB NIGHT.
Huh? You say? Well, lemme explain. Nope, not DRAG as in boys dress as girls and vice versa, but DRAG as in COME AS A DIFFERENT SPECIES!!

Examples: Here's @TheNascarKitty as a Lion:

And here's @RosieAndCheeto's Cheeto as a Monkey:

Or @SeattleP (Jeego) as a NipDuckie:

And here's @BunnyJeanCook as a human:
OK, you probably have the picture. Whatever species you are...come as a DIFFERENT one!!

The exact date will be published soon. WE'd like to thank Mr Breeze (aka @Kittehboi) for this idea. Come join us for a fun, crazy theme night!!!

TheNascarKitty (Tiger Tommy)

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Mariodacat said...

Oh this does sound like fun. Running now to shop for different anipal.