August 19, 2010

Special hours for Barkworld Week Aug 19, 2010

Hi NipClub Patrons!!

This week many of our staff and patrons are busy at BarkWorld Expo.

Because of this, we will go with special hours and a casual atmosphere. Opening will probably be a little later, 9 pm EDT to Midnight. We hope some of our patrons at BarkWorld will pop in and give us some insight on how their convention is going.

Tentative Barktenders and DJ's will be:

@MarioDaCat at 9 pm to around 10 pm showing you his mixology skills.

@TinyPearlCat will be a little late, but will help and relieve Mario later with her exotic barktending style.

@CathyKeisha will open the night DJing at 9 pm. Cathy is sure to please.

@KittenBoi will take the 10 pm hour.

After @Kittehboi, we'll unlock the juke box so the patrons can play their favorite tunes till we close.

Of course throughout the night you'll see @KingTuttiFruiti and @TheNascarKitty strolling around helping patrons enjoy their night.

Thanks, Tiger Tommy ( @theNascarKitty )

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