October 25, 2011

It's a MONSTER Mash at #NipClub Thursday Oct. 27th, 2011

nipclub gif

@MarioDaCat & @TinyPearlCat are real monsters!

OMC!!! What do you do when you find Monsters in your #NipClub lounge? Well, at
least for this week,  you buy them a drink and hand them the nip, because it's probably
one of us!!!

That's right. It's time to dress up as Monsters for Halloween. What will you be? A werewolf?
A zombie? Or a Kitty Cat (we're definately monsters). Either way, come dressed as a monster, or in your natural fur, It's time to pawty at #NipClub!!!

Noms and Drink Menu:
Vampire Punch

Brain Hemmorage

Spooky MeowMosas

Hot White Chocolate with Ghost Peeps

SpookyRita's with Raspberry Sauce

Fried Pirana!

Bat Burger

BBQ Worm burger

Black worm pasta salad

Rat cake

dana chance bliss
Dana's favorite Charity
chance bliss

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