October 19, 2012

ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW pawty at #NipClub Oct. 25, 2012

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#NipClub holds this pawty with all respect given to the genius's who brought us this
great movie!! We have fun in HONOR of them!! Thanks!!!
@TheNascarKitty as Dr. FrankNFurter, @ShaynaCat as Columbia,
@RealFakeGator as Riff Raff & @TinyPearlCat at Magenta
Brad modeled by @dearclyde

Magenta modeled by @3phibotticelli

Both Created by @kaitokamui

Many years ago a genius named Richard O'Brien came up with a brilliant musical that was naughty, mischievous, full of double entendres, featuring a cross-dressing group of alien royalty and their earthbound minions, a cast of "soon to be" Hollywood stars like Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Meatloaf, and a British bloke named Tim Curry who went on to be a HUGE international star, and a Knight of the British Empire!!

If you are unfamiliar, here's some video clips!!

Here's the dance that was created by this great movie!!

And here's a clip introducing Sir Timothy Curry!!!

And a song that Susan Sarandon & Barry Bostwick sing. Susan went on to be a movie star, and Barry went on to movies and TV show fame (he's the Mayor on Spin City).

And who doesn't know who MEATLOAF is? Well nobody did then but NOW they do. Here he is as EDDIE who proved to the aliens that not only did he have good taste, but he also tasted good!! MOL!!!! hahahaha (true RHPS fans will get that joke).

bacon realfakegator curry

We will pawty hard, with the usual cast of mischief makers @MattieDog, @WinstonTabby, @RealFakeGator & others there to keep the fun rolling!!

Games n Fun
@kittehboi doing the time warp - general graphic

Where's George game 
Can you find him?

Pal Avitar option - Party Guest
modeled by @GeorgeTheDuck
created by @RealFakeGator
Pal Avitar option - time warp
Modeled by @GeorgeTheDuck
created by @RealFakeGator
Pal Party Guest
(same as above but modeled by Gator) 
Pal Avi option Dr. Frank-n-furter
Modeled by @MattieDog
created by @kaitokamui
Pal Avi option - Riff Raff
Modeled by @odymaltese
Created by @kaitokamui
Pal Avi option - Columbia
Modeled by @ArlieJo
Created by @kaitokamui
Pal Avi option - Janet
Modeled by @LilyLuWhoT
Created by @kaitokamui

Custom avitars available also

If  you'd like a costume Avitar to enjoy the fun, please contact @RealFakeGator of #NipClub Outfitters. He has a crew of artist that will dress you just right!! And if you haven't yet seen the movie, there is time to run out to the video store and watch it. Don't let the word "Horror" in the title scare you , there is nothing scary at all, just good naughty fun, that by todays standards would probably be PG-13 at most. 


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Cathy Keisha said...

Fun fun fun! Thought I was gonna be Magenta this year. MOL!

Purrrfect Kitty Sitter said...

Ha, ha nice photoshops! Or are those pics real! :-D

Cathy Keisha said...

In case you can't guess, I'm Magenta cos it's not under my pic.