March 12, 2013

#NipClub Irish St.Patricks Pawty March 14th, 2013

Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the animals at One By One Cat Rescue. Every penny helps! Thanks!

Hop on #NipClub Air and enjoy a free flight to our #NipClub Ireland Branch. Nestled in the Irish countryside of County Claire, its an ideal place for outdoor fun and pawtying. 

@RealFakeGator & Marta practice Kayaking on the Chicago
River. But they are looking forward to the wild Irish Streams!

@GiambiBoyPup doesn't let the fact
that he's not Irish spoil his fun.

@Samthewatcher watches and waits

 photo 992851r2bfwa35ve_zps551f0179.gif
We're all Irish around St. Patricks Day, so what better place to pawty than Ireland? Captain @TinyPearlCat of #NipClub Airlines will gladly fly you, just make arrangements to have her pick you up and bring you back. 

Cozy & Classic with Kick-Butt booze, our Irish Pub is
second to none!! You'll never find a better one!

What's St. Patrick's day without Leprechauns?  Just what is a Leprechaun you ask?

leprechaun is a mythical Irish elf or faerie that occupies a realm which lies somewhere between the physical and spirit worldThe leprechaun is said to love his pipe, his drink and his solitude, but on occasion he can become social, and when this happens he loves to dance and engage in antics.  

If you catch a leprechaun he may lead you to his stash of gold hidden beneath a rainbow. But first he will try to bribe you.  The leprechaun carries two leather pouches: one holds a silver coin, and the other a gold one. The silver coin magically returns to his pouch every time it is spent. However, he'll offer the gold coin that will turn to ash or disappear completely once he is safely away. A captured leprechaun might even offer his captor the granting of three wishes, but excellent trickery will make the wishes as useful as the gold coin.

If cornered, holding a leprechaun's gaze will keep him from disappearing. But beware: he will use every trick to get you to look away, and when you look back, he will be gone.

#NipClub has gone to great lengths to capture not ONE but FOUR Leprechauns for the occasion!
You don't believe?
Come to #NipClub and see for yourself!

What could go wrong?

 photo glitter-shamrock-source_d3z_zpsaff119d0.gif

  Enjoy these great tunes by GAELIC STORM. The first is about JOHNNY TARR a hard drinking
man who could drink any bar dry. On the night of the song, he tries to empty all the 
booze in his favorite tavern, but after a couple dozen he falls over Dead. The coroner rules
"It's not what you are thinking, it wasn't the drinking, this man died of thirst"

The second song is JOHNNY JUMP UP which is the name of a famous Irish Cider that 
has the potency of rocket fuel. It's made when apple farmers store their already potent 
cider brandy in old whiskey barrels, letting the aged whiskey seep into the mix. #NipClub has procured a large supply of JOHHNY JUMP UP for the evening. Enjoy carefully. The LEPRECHAUNS will be all over you trying to get some from you!!!


Johnny Jump Up. We have a huge supply. Drink a lot
but remember it's about 168 proof (84% alcohol). 
Read more about how it's made in the song 
description above. Enjoy!!!! And be careful 
of the Leprechauns...they get ahold of this 
and it will be pure chaos at #NipClub 

@TheNascarKitty's Special Corned Beef & Cabbage,
served All YOu Can Eat, free all day!!! 

Fried Fish and Chips Sandwich basket

Newcastle Irish Ale
Grasshopper Cake

 photo thst_patricks_day_017_zps59f1845a.gif

Beans & Eggs on Buttered Toast
Irish Farmers Breakfast
Harp Lager

Guinness Stout (ask your Barktender to layer it
into Harp or Newcastle for a BLACK & TAN)
Bangers and Mash
Assorted Flavors of Baileys Irish Creme
Rueben Sandwich
Lamb Stew
Irish Soda Bread with Butter & Orange Marmalade
Baileys Irish Creme Pie
 photo glitter_groen_zpsfd490ce0.gif

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