July 1, 2013

Fourth of July Fireworks at #NipClub July 4th, 2013

This week at #NipClub, which falls on America's Independance Day, we will just take it easy, enjoy some world famous noms and drinks, watch @TinyPearlCat's Fireworks extravaganza, and enjoy each others company for the night. In just a few short days we'll all be catching #NipClub Airlines flights to Alaska for #NipClub monthly, and a nice evening at the bar will be a good way to prepare.

No special costumes needed. Music will be DJs choice, providing a great variety of songs. And, of course, we'll be grilling up burgers, brats, steaks and chicken, along with full bar service.

Come dance, eat, or just sit and chat while we wait for @TinyPearlCat to light up the sky with her special fireworks displays!

@TinyPearlCat does not mess around when it comes to fireworks.
She takes them very seriously.

#NipClub Volunteer Fire Dept. will be on hand to put out the building and
surrounding area when @TinyPearlCat gets out of hand. MOL.
Fire Cats: @MarioDaCat, Penny & Tippy (@Meow_Girls) &
@KConlon1 (Squeaker) will keep spraying down the fires. 
 photo CatsFireworks_zpsc2c6b2d0.gif

A scene from last years fireworks show. @TinyPearlCat accidentally
shot a rocket into our storage barn full of nip.....all that burning
Nip....we sat around and breathed deep....and most of us dont remember
much else that happened that night.....or that week. MOL

 photo FireworksBackground_zps57ebedc0.gif


@RealFakeGator and @kingtuttifruiti demonstrate very different
grilling styles....

... but both yield to Grill Master @dontignoretruth

@ChazzTheDog enjoys the
Hank's Bacon Beer 
happy hour

Waiting for @TinyPearlCat's fireworks display

 photo Rocket1_zps284acd2a.gif

 photo Fireworks28_zpsd2da6356.gif
fireworks animation photo:  giffireworksZere0.gif

4th july photo:  439197rbtkv9lk71.gif

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