March 30, 2014

APRIL FOOLS Pawty at #NipClub April 3rd, 2014

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We all act Foolish once in a while. Usually by accident, sometimes for fun, and after a LOT of primo NIP and a bunch of Bacon Beers and Meowgaritas it's a really good bet we'll do something foolish. BUT there's a time of year when you are supposed to act crazy, play pranks, and just be a goof. And that's APRIL FOOLS!!

@TheNascarKitty filled @WinstonTabby's cubicle at the #NipClub
Office with backfired though...Winston had done so much
nip that he had the serious munchies and nommed them ALL!
@WinstonTabby got so high that he let us use sharpies
to change him into a "tuxie"...OK..he didn't let us...he was
passed out...but.....either way it's funny! 


Drinks and Noms

This Prank can be a lot of fun....or a lot of trouble. MOL

The "carmeled onions" @TinyPearlCat snuck into our #NipClub lunchroom.

Fruity Cupcakes... Not! Fire hot with mustard!

Litter cake, it really is sugar group.
So why not let us know what your favorite pranks are, and share with us what goofy shennigans you get up to. Pull pranks on your fellow #NipClub patrons, but watch out....I've heard that a gang of pranksters led by @3PhiBottiCelli will be on the prowl all night to play tricks on YOU!! 

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meowmeowmans said...

OMC! This sounds like such a fun time! Go Nip Club! :)