March 23, 2014

#NipClub Spring Fling! The Place to Meet New Friends! March 27th, 2014

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the Danes at Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue. Every penny helps! Thanks!

Just what it the "#NipClub" you keep hearing about? What do you do there? Does is have a purpose? How do I join the fun? Is it Free? Is Anyone welcome? Can I help out behind the scenes? All of these questions will be answered later in this weeks blogpost, but first, let me introduce this weeks Pawty theme:

Yep, spring is here, on the calendar at least....I still have snow, ice and temperatures in the teens here, but the calendar says it's spring, so we are throwing a fun spring pawty for you!! 

What do you like to do in the spring: (dress up your avatar and let us know at the pawty). If you need help with that special avatar, just let @RealFakeGator and his crew at #NipClub Outfitters know and they will make that special picture just for you. Of course, your own natural fur is always welcome at #NipClub! 

Darlings of Twitter @TheNascarKitty and his love @DCKitty show you their favorite spring activities. Why not send us some of your favorite activities!! We love to hear what our pals from #NipClub are up to when they aren't pawtying at the club. 

On the beach outside their #RainbowBridge Beach Mansion, just relaxing. 
Relaxing in the garder that @DcKitty is so proud of!
Picnic and (you guessed it) relaxing at their special spot along Pacific Coast Highway

Tweet a picture of your spring fun to @TinyPearlCat, @RealFakeGator or @TheNascarKitty and we'll post them on the blog for everyone to see. Be creative, have fun, #NipClub is all about having fun. For a great cause. 




marie + ryker


Also this week Remember to say Happy Gotcha or Birthday to the March Babies
Click HERE to see them and get some cake
CHALLENGE: Make a New Friend EVERY week at #NipClub! 

Friends come in every shape and color. And sometimes the strangest combinations make the best of pals. We see new people pawtying at #NipClub every week, please make sure we all take the time to welcome them, show them the ropes and invite them into our conversations. Think of all the great friends you've met since you started coming to #NipClub.....please be sure to make every new pawtier have that same experience. 

#NipClub FAQ's

What is #NipClub...What do you do there? #NipClub is a virtual online pawty held on twitter each Thursday and for one full weekend each month. "Anipals"(animals on twitter, whether real,cartoon, imaginary, stuffed, or at #RainbowBridge) and/or their humans tweet back in forth in a pawty setting, while listening/dancing to great music and drinking "virtual cocktails", "virtual noms" and acting out fun scenarios.

It started nearly 4 years ago when Founder @FlaCatlady (aka @KingTuttiFruiti) and some friends needed a release from the stress of a hard week. Even if it was only partying on twitter, pretending to be smoking primo (cat)nip and drinking bacon beer, so they set up a short party (PAWty) based on the original twitter anipal pawty "#PawPawty" which was a monthly 2 day pawty that also raised funds for animal charities. 

They had such fun they started doing it each week for a couple hours, and eventually it grew into a huge 8 to 10 hour event each week with a staff of DJ's and Barktenders, their own blog, PR Staff, and vetted animal charities we sponsor each month.

Who runs this pawty? @FlaCatLady / @KingTuttiFruiti are proprietors and help steer the staff, watch out for trouble and protect our intellectual & proprietary properties, as well as checking out each charity to make sure they are worthy,honest, no-kill/no-cruelty shelters and health/help organizations.

Weekly Pawties and the blog are handled by #NipClub Managers @TheNascarKitty, @TinyPearlCat and @RealFakeGator, the Monthly 24 hour pawty is managed by Manager @ShaynaCat. We also have a Security detail to keep order, watch for "spammers" and help new pawtiers which is led by Sargaent @BrutusTheDane. We also have a huge crew of PR/Publicity helpers, DJs, Barktenders, Hosts and Hostesses, Prize/Game coordinators, and thousands of VIPs: Our Customers!! 

What do you do there, does it have a purpose? Basically as long as you are not insulting anyone, hurting feelings, or harrassing anyone, you do whatever you like. What happens at #NipClub Stays at #NipClub. Want to rip off your fur and Streak? Go ahead, management will probably join you in a naked lap around the club MOL. Want to get wasted on our Primo Catnip and top notch drinks? Go ahead, you wont be alone. Dance, pull pranks, have a "fart contest"(yes I wish I was making that up, but I'm not), dance on the bar, shoot off fireworks, have food fights, go crazy. Surprise us. 

As for a purpose? Oh Yes, from the very beginning @FlaCatLady was adamant that we would raise money for worthy animal causes. And we have raised thousands of dollars for our charities, most of which have been suggested by our customers. We have NO expenses or Administration costs, so EVERY PENNY you donate by "tipping" your barktenders and DJs  goes directly to charity. 100% . We are very careful to check our recipients out completely. We choose one individual charity each month, and other than a few very rare exceptions, we only raise funds for that group. While we'd love to help every animal in need, we have to stick to our monthly charity choice exclusively. 

For the protection of our donators, we don't allow anyone to use our #NipClub hashtag to seek donations or publicize their event without express permission from @FlaCatLady. That way our customers know that if you donate to a charity with the #NipClub Hashtag, it will go to a real charity.

How do I join the fun? Is It Free? Is anyone welcome? First...YES #NipClub is always free. We post links to our charity donation page (usually referred to as "Tipping your Barktender and DJs) several times an hour, but we DO NOT see who is donating. It is totally private, and we only ask you to donate IF YOU CAN. If you don't have any extra funds, we want you to have fun and pawty and help others have fun and stay interested in #NipClub.ANYBODY is welcome to have fun at #nipClub, human, animal, etc.  To pawty just get on twitter, search #NipClub  and interact with the other pawtiers make sure to type "#nipclub" with each tweet. (This lets everyone at the pawty see your tweets in their search window, even if you don't "follow" each other). Order a drink or some food from the "barktender", click on the song links the DJs put up and listen to great tunes, just jump in and join the fun. We try to have a "theme" for each pawty, so if you like, add the theme to your avatar (If you need help doing this just ask @RealFakeGator or any staff member to help you out). Stay a few minutes, or pawty until the doors close. We just want you there!! 

Can I help behind the scenes:Want to be a barktender? Think you'd be a great DJ? Can you help make graphics and avatars? Want to help out the "Acting Team" that keeps the themes going all pawty long? Want to help with PR/Publicity? Just ask any Manager (listed above) to get your info to the appropriate team leader. Even if you have never done it before, we will train you by pairing you up with an experienced #NipClub staff member. We always need extra help. 

See pals celebrating Gotcha and Birthdays this month!

Nipclub birthday photo gotchapagegif_zpsf72f65f1.gif

 photo BDcakeglitter_zpsd31f6740.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the Danes at Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue. Every penny helps! Thanks!

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