March 20, 2011

Thursday March 24th, #NipClub Honky Tonk Bar & Grill!

@TheNascarKitty & his horse Mutt.
@TinyPearlCat & her pony looking pretty!!

Cowboy Boots, 10 gallon hats, 6 shooters & spurs, Line Dancing, drinking your own body weight
in hooch, leather chaps, whips, while this may sound like a date with the's actually a night at #NipClubs Honky Tonk Bar and Grill. So cowboy (or cowgirl ) up and ride your mount over here this Thursday nite.

@TinyPearlCat & @TheNascarKitty hauled all the #NipClub bar gear
to our Honky Tonk Bar and Grill location the old fashioned way.

Menu: Simple but delicious. Only thing on the menu: ALL THE

BBQ YOU CAN EAT!! Really, what more do you need....

Rotisserie Chicken, Brisket, St. Louis Ribs, Beans, Corn Bread! Enjoy!!
Special Drinks:
Once we knew @KingTuttiFruiti & @FlaCatLady were comin'.
we ordered a "large" MOL

Easy to make....pour from bottle over ice. Serve. Drink sitting down.

Let your country attitude fly!! What's more fun than having Friends In Low Places!!  Come to #NipClub
and kick back. What happens at #NipClub STAYS at NipClub!! So drink your whiskey and nom some
BBQ, dance with the ladies and fight with the guys!! Have a blast!!

NipClub StaffAnnouncement
While NipClub doesn't have "normal" rules, we kinda let ya do whatever ya want, BUT we want
our anipals safe from harm or injury, so we do have a special security agent on site. We'd
like you to meet: NIMBUS, dear kitty of @UsThreeCoons TSB, tweeting as @DaBooPatrol

Sgt. Nimbus #NipClub Security Officer

I LOVE THIS BAR by Toby Keith

When it all comes down to it, we all love this #NipClub Bar whether it's Hony Tonk, Punk, or however it comes from week to week...just have fun!!


Mariodacat said...

WooHoo - sounds like a great time. I'd better saddle up and dust off my cowboy boots.

Cathy Keisha said...

Whoa! Whips! I'm in as long as I'm the one cracking those whips!