August 10, 2014

Superheros Night at #NipClub August 14th, 2014

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Movies, TV and books lately seem to have a very common theme. Superheroes. To us at #NipClub all of our anipal friends are SuperHeroes because you keepyour humans safe, warm their hearts, lower their blood pressure, some of you are trained to help them. And, most important of all, give them unconditional love. 

But wouldn't it be fun to spend a night being a Superhero? Well this week at #NipClub you can be the SuperHero of your choice. So dress up as your favorite SuperHero and show us your special secret powers, or create a new SuperHero. Of course SuperHeroes wouldn't have anything to do without a Super Villain, so maybe you wish  to be a Super Villain for an evening.  Or just come as you own furry self, because as I mentioned earlier, you are ALL SuperHeroes in our eyes. 

 photo 3253153531_zps8efbbc55.gif
As if managing #NipClub wasn't enough, @TheNascarKitty spends his evenings
making sure all of the #NipClub locations stay safe as CatMan....err I mean BatMan
@TinyPearlCat spends 8 days a week managing #NipClub, being an
Graphic Artist, IT specialist & super Barktender...but has found
time to protect you at BATGIRL....OK, we have BatMan and
BatGirl....we need a Robin....who could be their Robin?.....
Of course....#NipClub Outfitters Manager, @RealFakeGator
must be Robin....although rumor has it that he isn't really
super happy about it. But we let him drive the BatMobile
and he forgot all about his embarrassment.

                                                                                         Barktender @kconlon1 prepares to deliver a drink superhero style.
@SantasCat & @RockStarWalrus are already Super Heroes
working as Pratman & Blobin of the Order of  Flipper & Claw!
(See below)

superdog photo: animals 802.gif

                        @3phibotticelli`s Sadie                            @skye 613

@germanshorthair`s Banjo
                          @doggymolly                               @msmollyyoda

 photo powgif_zps38d8cb83.gif
SUPER Foods Menu:
Chef Tiger Tommy (@TheNascarKitty) makes some
giant donuts. Can you finish one? 
@Kittehboi attempts to nom a Giant Cheeseburger.
He may need your help. Order one up!! 
We had to hire extra chefs to make our Giant
Ham, Cheese and Mushroom Omelette. 
Two Sausage Patties stuffed with Ham & Cheese, Topped
with Fried Eggs. It's the "Coronary Breakfast"

 photo turtle_zpsb1d1ed95.gif
August Birthday and Gotcha pals

Sister of @KenzieWestie

Sadie of @3Phibotticelli
Sandy of @GizmoRuston
@AutumntheDoxie Gotcha
@BigDog_Bear Gotcha
Luna and @LilyLuWhoT Gotcha
Banjo of @GermanShorthair
@Henrythecat2002 Gotcha


 photo spartaspidercat_zps34114f94.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the Dogs at Danny and Ron's Rescue. Every penny helps! Thanks!
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