December 20, 2011

Dec. 22nd #NipClub's Country Christmas Celebration with our #RainbowBridge pals!!

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Here at #NipClub we pride ourselves on being a place where earth Anipals and those who have gone Over the Rainbow Bridge can come together and interact. What better time than Christmas to actually hold a #NipClub pawty up in the Paradise of #RainbowBridge!!

My darling @DCKitty and I have opened up our #RB Mansion and Estate for the ideal Country Family Christmas!! We'll have indoor and outdoor activities like sleigh rides, bonfires, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, swimming (in our indooor heated pool) and of course enjoying each others company around the Christmas tree. What about the noms? Oh there'll be a feast unlike any that #NipClub has ever held.

 #NipClub has purchased extra teleporters to get all of you up to Rainbow Bridge and back, where you can pawty and visit with those who have already made the trip to Rainbow Bridge.

Our teleportation room has been fine tuned &
Safety inspected for your safety.

We know some of you dont celebrate Christmas as your religous holiday, but it's still Christmas so dont be afraid to come and have fun and enjoy yourselves. All are welcome. The feast will include some of your Hannuhkah favorites as well!!!

Dress in your nice winter finery, or a goofy Christmas Sweater like we've all gotten for Christmas, or in your natural fur. Just make sure to come. We'll be featuring our barktenders and DJ's who reside Over the Rainbow Bridge throughout the evening.

The Pawty Location: @TheNascarKitty & @DCKitty's Rainbow Bridge Estate
"Welcome! Enjoy. Let's take a tour. "

The Rainbow Bridge Mansion of @TheNascarKitty & @DCKitty where
we will hold the Country Christmas Pawty. We host many new
arrivals here at Rainbow Bridge in our numerous rooms until their
paradise dream homes are built to their specs.
Pink outdoor heated pool & spa area
Our back porch is great for just relaxing with friends.
One of our many guest rooms. Spend the night, be our guest!
@TheNascarKitty's small kitchen, for day to day use. 
We have about 30 vehicles on the property, feel free to borrow one
while you're here. 

The Bar  Dancefloor at the mansion are located by the indoor heated pool
Feel free to ride our horses, Sleigh rides will also be available.
@TheNascarKitty's Horse: Commanche
@DCKitty's Horse: Ophelia

@DCKitty gives @MarioDaCat
and @HollieCatRocks a sleighride
@TheNascarKitty brings round the big sleigh
for group rides. Jump on!!

@TinyPearlCat leads a Snowmobile tour of the area

Some of our other fine horses. Plenty to choose from,
all trained to be gentle. Have fun!!

Pawty Activities:
"Adult" Beverages
Bonfire & outdoor snacks
Sleigh Rides
Horseback riding
and much more!!

Who's up for a snowball fight?



Baked ham with OVen Roasted Potatos


Anonymous said...

cant wait!!! #rainbow bridge resident since November 2010. This will be a pawsome time for all! xoxoxo!

Admiral Hestorb said...

My cat husband can snuggle wif me again.

AdoptedMomToChazz said...

I am very excited for dis day to hurry and come so I may celebrate wif all my new pals. Fanx for having such a wonderful get together for all furriends....

JinJin & Pixel said...

Wow, what an amazing special celebration for us all 2 get together with our OTRB Pals. We'll be there FUR SURE!