July 15, 2013

Christmas In July at #NipClub July 18th, 2013

Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the animals at Greater Charlotte SPCA. Every penny helps! Thanks!

 photo july_snow_zps39ad31e6.gif

Well, it was bound to happen....we spent some extra time up in Alaska and the Arctic Circle after #NipClub Monthly.  The last thing I remember was that @RealFakeGator, @KingTuttiFruit, @ShaynaCat, @TinyPearlCat, my darling @DCKitty and I (@TheNascarKitty) were pawtying hard with some  arctic locals in the lounge of our #NipClub Air 777 Jumbo Jet.....sometime during the night Capt. @TinyPearlCat must have sobered up enough to fly us home and drop each of us off at our respective homes. (If you didn't know, @RealFakeGator is from Wisconsin, @KingTuttiFruiti is from sunny Florida, @ShaynaCat lives in Great Britain, and @DCKitty and myself live in the largest mansion in all of #RainbowBridge (yes it is pink), although I was from Wisconsin and she was from Coastal California previous to #RB.

When @TinyPearlCat landed the jet at her home in Washington State....she heard noise...and realized that Santa Claus, some Elves, Reindeer, Abominable Snowmen and more had passed out while pawtying below deck, and forgot to get off.

When she called me to find out what to do, I suggested we "kidnap" them for a little while, fly them to #NipClub HQ in Florida for Christmas in July!!

So wrap some presents, frost some cookies, spike some eggnog, we are going to do CHRISTMAS again!! This week!!!  @TheNascarKitty #NipClub Manager and NOT the cat who is holding Santa Claus in captivity....I said NOT.......

 @CathyKeisha @TinyPearlCat & @HollieCatRocks keep Santa and friends busy until the pawty on Thursday so he doesn't get bored....which seems impossible....

Dress for the season...be an elf, a reindeer, santa, a snowman....whatever you want....if you need help @RealFakeGator and his helpers at #NipClub Outfitters will be glad to help!! Just Ask!!!! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (in July)

We understand @Owenthetonk just had his
special Christmas sweater drycleaned for the occasion!

@RealFakeGator beats the heat by
getting back in the snow globe

@doggymolly is gonna shake more than christmas presents
when she hits the #nipclub dance floor in this racy number

@SweetPeaBeardie and @Petmonarchy don't let July's
lack of snow keep them from having fun tobogganing

More fun stuff added daily! Keep Checking back!!


Honey Baked Ham

Roasted Turkey

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Pan Seared Brussel Sprouts in Nip-Hollendaise

Corn on the Cob

Cranberry Sauce


Sauteed Vegetable Blend

Christmas Cookies

Spiked Eggnog and Brandied Fruit Punch

 photo Cat-Christmas_zpsa1f09360.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the animals at Greater Charlotte SPCA. Every penny helps! Thanks!
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Please let them know it is a #Nipclub related donation so we can add that to our final total.
To read more about Greater Charlotte SPCA. CLICK HERE

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Mariodacat said...

Woohoo - Love it. Christmas in July. With temps in the 90's I could use a little cooling off.

meowmeowmans said...

EVERY month is purrfect for Christmas. And for #NipClub! :)