November 17, 2013

#NipClub at Hogwarts November 21, 2013

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Through a little bit of magic, we were able to "teleport" our #NipClub Building onto the castle at Hogwarts.

Who doesn't love the HARRY POTTER movie series. Although the movies are finished, the glorious school of Hogwarts lives on. I've arranged for all of our #NipClub patrons and staff to take special classes in Wizardry and Witchcraft this week during #NipClub. We'll show off some of our best tricks, try to capture and subdue Lord Voldemort (once we figure out who he is), enjoy magical treats and, of course, pawty like only #NipClub anipals can!

So why not dress up in  your favorite "Harry Potter" Costume....a wizard, witch, professor maybe, maybe an elf or magical creature. Whatever you like. And if you need help, @RealFakeGator and his staff at #NipClub Outfitters is there to help you get just the right costume. Of course, as always, your own natural fur is always in vogue at #Nipclub as well.

Just come, cast some spells, explore the castle, make some mischief and have some fun!!

@TheNascarKitty, #NipClub Manager.
Professor Tiger (@TheNascarKitty) teaches a "rainbow face" spell to
@MarioDaCat and @Spike_Cat who quickly use it on @TinyPearlCat! 
Barktender @tiggybean tries the spell to return bar to order.
@cherylpoestone's ferrets will have none of that.

1 if by land, 2 if by sea, 3 if by broomstick

 photo Awesomegif_zps01cb77d7.gif

Don't make me put a spell on you!
Come to #NipClub

They wouldn't print it if it wasn't true
@StuffMyPetsSay Puppy enrolls at Hogwart's

                                        @3phibotticelli                                      @skye613

With Voldemort lurking around, you never know when you'll need a wizard to help out
But beware, not all wizards are helpful.
                                @germanshorhair's Banjo                          @DoggyMolly

Enjoy yourself at Hogwart's but keep an eye out for these two 
Rumor has it they trained under Voldemort himself, so are ready to create mayhem
If you brought your wand, use it!  If not, ask a kindly wizard to help.

 photo tumblr_lu5fwzrHfO1qch8u0o5_250_zps8eef5959.gif

Drinks and Nomms

Spider Web Fritters 
for recipe Click Here

 photo Hogwarts_by_Backseat_Wisdom_zpse42a633a.gif

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