November 10, 2013

#NipClub celebrates November Birthdays & Gotcha Days Nov. 14th, 2013

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the cats at Soi Dog Foundation Phuket. Every penny helps! Thanks!
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Pals, it's time to celebrate those birthdays & Gotcha Day in November. Please follow the instructions below to make sure you are included in this great pawty. And please let you friends with a special day in November know so they don't miss the pawty. 

On behalf of #NipClub staff, we cordially wish you a happy birthday and/or Gotch Day and MANY more to come! 
@TheNascarKitty, @TinyPearlCat & @RealFakeGator #NipClub Managers

Congratulations to everyone celebrating!
November Birthdays and Gotcha Days!!!


@ChrisGroove1 Birthday
November 1

@MadLabM Gotcha
November 5

@PrincessRosyRue Birthday/Gotcha
November 6

@radianttabby mom Marcia Birthday
November 8

@HRHDuchessII Birthday
November 10

Candy & EK Gotcha day
November 12

                           @SpookyShorty Birthday                        @RealFakeGator Birthday
November 13

@Gabby_da_Tabby Birthday
November 15

@MorrisCat Birthday
November 16

Marcus of @informedferret Birthday
November 18 

@SaraBeth3394 Birthday
November 24

Piper of @Autumnthedoxie


Mouse of @Dontignoretruth








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Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the cats at Soi Dog Foundation Phuket Every penny helps! Thanks!

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