September 1, 2014

Share your Favorite past #NipClub moments at our Sept. 4th, 2014 Pawty

Most of our humans in the United States are recovering from the last big weekend of summer, and probably too busy to make Avitars and help us get ready to pawty this Thursday. But that wont stop us from pawtying. We'll have a casual evening of dancing, drinking, "nip"ping and eating while we reminisce, or even re-enact our favorite past #NipClub pawties. So come enjoy an easy evening of friends and fellowship at #NipClub.  

Some really unique stuff has happened at #NipClub over the  years....remember this:

A while back #NipClub   even took a trip to space...and apparently learned that without a mug of bacon beer, we are just staying home on earth...MOL.
shayna cat flies jet photo shaynafliesnipclub.gif

Some other memories:

We opened a branch of #NipClub in Ireland so we could
show even these hearty pawtiers how to really pawty. 

While our graphics have gotten better lately , we still
had a great time at our themes over the years. 

Shiploads of pirates and sailors fought over the Black Pearl
at our Pirate Pawty. 
 photo georgepaintgif_zps391ae84d.gif

Come share your special memories of the last  few years at #NipClub (weekly and monthly), wear your favorite Avatar (and even "behave" in character for fun-weird interactions). Let's see what kind of goofy fun we can come up with!! Heck, go crazy and change avatars throughout the night even!! New To #NipClub? Don't have a special avatar? Well, remember, your own natural fur (or even skin for those silly mostly hairless humans) is always welcome at #NipClub. Our talented staff at #NipClub Outfitters, lead by the remarkable @RealFakeGator can also work with you in making the perfect avatar if you wish. Just ask.



I did mention fireworks..didn't I....well, we never miss a chance to blast a pawty with fireworks provided by the very talented...and a little pyromaniac,  @TinyPearlCat! And, if I know the #NipClub crowd...I'm sure there will be others packing fireworks too!! Maybe even a fire-breathing dragon dog named @Flicka47 to help light fuses (and apparently roast passenger train commuters for dinner...but that's another story I'm SURE will be covered while we reminisce). 

Our fireworks extravaganzas have been know to get out of control...we've basically made everything out of asbestos now, just to make sure we don't burn the club down....and we've employed our own firecrew.

 photo chazzsnomobiledoggof_zps5c441c42.gif

#Nipclub in Review
Water water everywhere, so let's turn it into a party!

1 if by land, 2 if by sea, 3 if by #nipclub any way we can

When we aren't participating in sports, we're supporting them!

We can play in the mud, but we clean up well...
...AND we look good wearing anything...or nothing at all

Whether it's playing, singing, listening or dancing to it; we love our music

It's no secret, anipals know how to party....AND how to relax

Just look at us!

Been there, done that, and yes....we do have the t-shirt!

We had so many adventures over the years
Who know's where we'll go and what we'll do in the future!
But rest assured it'll be big and spectacular. 

A slide show of fun times HERE

There is still a few months left  of 2014 to print on on the Nipclub calendar

 photo cathyhippygif.gif

 Huge thank you to everyone that donated, attended and volunteered.
I very successful month. Means so much to the rescue!

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