May 5, 2011

Grand Opening of NipClub's Newest Addition @BadAndy_KityKat's Service Center Plus

 Recently, the NipClub building has undergone major reconstruction and remodeling, miraculously completing the job in just over a week!  In addition to the new hip building exterior, NipClub now has it's own interior parking in addition to a full service garage!  

In light of the popularity of the NipClub with clientele and employees growing by leaps and bounds, there became an ever increasing problem - the anipals were needing a safe place to park and a trusted place to have their vehicles tuned for optimum handling and speed! @TheNascarKitty wisely saw this need and began looking for a "garage guy" and began his expansion ideas.....

.....ultimately offering the job to @BadAndy_KityKat, who happily signed on.  So now, please join Tiger Tommy and Bad Andy in welcoming all to the new NipClub Service Center a.k.a. "Andy's Garage",  occupying the ground, 1st and 2nd floors! Accounting for such a large portion of the building, the garages' double duty is to accommodate the multiple aircraft of NipClub employees with an aircraft-hanger size opening door to the back of the building, adjacent to the privatized landing strip. Here's a  small peek inside:
Thanks for the job, Tommy - you're the best!


For the rest you'll have to come on in and see it for yourself!

The 3rd floor houses the interior parking for NipClub's clientele - brightly lit for safety and heated/cooled according to the weather! Security on duty, and valet parking upon request.

And on the last floor before ya hit the roof, or the 4th floor, is the one and only, NipClub! - moved to the top just for fun.  :)
Oh, almost forgot, we have a helipad on the roof for those lucky enough to own that kind of bird!

Next, let's meet Andy's crew of grease monkeys! You didn't think he was going to do all the work, or the dirty work for that matter, did you?  ;)

Bill (left) and Dave hard at work, or is that hardly at work.  ;)

Dave - pulling a plug, er, prank on Bill.
 Phil, mirror-twin brother of Bill.

 Phil works as Dave acts as 'gopher.'
Bill knows his stuff! (above, below)

 Watch out for Dave, he's a joker - if you don't want him to paint your car, he may just paint YOU!

 Josh, a fine mechanic but he don't like to be photographed.
 Stu - he's really good at spotting the problem.
And this...well, this is Gary....he doesn't actually work here, he just likes to hang around and lick stuff......   o.O    He's so nice, it's hard to tell him to go home.

That's everyone - you'll find us all here when you need a tune up.  Speaking of staying tuned - watch for new developments at the NipClub!  Thanks!  Stop by and say "hi" sometime. ~Andy


Pandafur said...

Wow all those mekanix n stuff, an BAD ANDY TOO! Concats on da grate noo #Nipclub fassilitee. Iz sending mai jet ovar fur a makeover. Can youz paynt it pink fur me wiv leopard sprints an zeebra strypes?

Cathy Keisha said...

Welcome aboard! Hmmm, wonder if you can get a few dents out of my car.

Pumpkinpuddy said...

Woo hoo. Finally someplace trustworthy to get my Lambo serviced. #nipclub just gets better and better.

View From My Pram said...

PepiSmartDog: AWESOME !!!! Great job Andy & Tommy ! LOVE the piccies.... Maybe I could get my Pram serviced too ! Hee ! Hee !

Anonymous said...

I have only been in my new forever home for 5 weeks. I am still looking for a new Jack Mobile that is worthy of my Puppy Princess self. Glad to know #Nipclub has a trustworthy facility for me to use!