May 26, 2011

TinyPearlCat Appreciation Nip Caper

@TinyPearlCat has done so much for #Nipclub and so many of us outside #Nipclub that we wanted to have a special celebration for her!

4PM EDT to Midnight and Beyond!

So we have door prizes from 4:30pm EDT to Midnight EDT ranging from note cards to jewelry by several jewelry artists to gift certificates. You do not have to do a quiz to win - just be here and enter the random drawing every half hour (1 doorprize per anipal). And we have noms... Flicka's "Diner" even put together a great menu to celebrate!

@TheNascarKitty announced last week that @TinyPearlCat is our new Co-Manager. @BadAndy_KityKat and his garage crew got her new mobile office set up for her.

@TinyPearlCat's new mobile office inside and out

So this is a new office pawty for @TinyPearlCAt

Join us in honoring our new Co-Manager and a great friend to all of us. *claps wings* (Yes, time for you to clap too! QOL)

But OH NO! #Nipclub ran out of Nip!!! We can't have that! What's #Nipclub without nip? Well @TinyPearlCat wouldn't hear of it, so she's getting her new mobile office ready and hired a whole fleet of trucks. We're going to Mexico to get the good Nip!!! Come along with us and help us evade the bears on the road.

Ready! We'll be hitting the road at 8pm EDT to get that Nip! Join us then or even earlier -- we have lots of goodies and maybe even a jug of hooch under the bar.

Late to the convoy? No problem! Just take the stargate to join up with the rest of us!

Get your souvenir WooMeow! @TinyPearlCat Appreciation T-shirt at Face in Hole below
Gals -- Guys
Custom shirts available while supplies last. And also available as souvenirs tomorrow.

If you want to put your "Kilroy was here" on the pawty, - RSVP Here even ifit's after you arrive or just to show you'd be here if your human wasn't busy. All to show appreciation for Pearl.

@TinyPearlCat, you have our thanks for all the graphics -- even our logo -- pawsome barktending, drink creation, ideas, general help around #Nipclub, and being a tireless cheerleader for both the club and your anipals. Thank You! We love you!

@TinyPearlCat has asked that if anyone wants to make a donation this week they donate to Animal Talk Rescue. Donation information is in the sidebar. @TinyPearlCat has also asked that Everyone Join In, no donation needed!

We're going on a Road Trip to Mexico to get the GOOD NIP!

Nobody wonders why we love her to death, do we? QOL

Thank you @TinyPearlCat!

Many thanks to the Barktenders, DJs, Quizmasters, RTers, Partygoers, and Planners that made this bash for @TinyPearlCat possible including: @Flacatlady, @Dogstoyevsky, @ShaynaCat, @CathyKeisha, @BunnyJeanCook, @Kittehboi, @HemingwaysCat, @TheNascarKitty, @Tiggybean @Tresa1215, @KingTuttiFruiti, @Georgetheduck @DuchessCrabtree, @JinJinDoggy, @PixelDoggy, @Mariodacat, @Meow_Girls, @KConlon1, @PumpkinPuddy, @Flicka47, @BadAndy_KityKat and @TinyPearlCat herself.
If you got left off this list, blame the duck and tell him to add you. He's getting cross eyed QOL

@TinyPearlCat asked that our current charity be Animal Talk Rescue 501(C)(3) # 91-2041961 A No-Kill Non Profit Rescue

If you have spare change, $1 helps the animals at Animal Talk Rescue where @SeattleP helps feed the ferals.

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Pandafur said...

Thanks you Pearl an NipClub! Hay, I wish I knew abowt da Stargate, I wudda used it to get to AZ faster so I could come pawty wiv you all! *purrrr*