May 2, 2011

#NipClub Car Club Night at the Drive-In

 A while back #NipClub started buying cars for our valued employees.  It's taken off like wildfire, now our customers and employees are getting more and more creative vehicles. So we thought a night at the drive-in will let them show them all off.

So polish up those hotrods and head over to #NipClub Thursday night and show off all that chome, have fun, and maybe even burn some rubber in the parking lot!!!
@BadAndy_KityKat in his 1923 T-Bucket Ford

In fact, we've got so many vehicles that we've hired @BadAndy_KityKat as our "garage guy". Here's some of our cars:

@theNascarKitty's HotRod Lincoln

@KingTuttiFruiti's Cadillac Woody

@TheNascarKitty's Chevelle Malibu SS
Head Barktender @MarioDaCat in his Corvette Stingray
Bar Manager @TinyPearlCat in her Dodge Hemi Barracuda
@TinyPearlCat backs the #NipClub semi in to unload some beer

@theNascarKitty & The OCC #NipClub Chopper

@TheNascarKitty & his Darling @DCKitty in their Rolls Royce 

@DCKitty gives @TheNascarKitty a ride in her Ferrari

@_Bill_The_Cat, @DaBooPatrol & @TheNascarKitty in Bill's Lincoln

@TheNascarKitty & @DCKitty on their Honda GoldWing GL1800SE

@AutumnTheDoxie in her custom Low-Rider Chevy SSR

@BunnyJeanCook in her Pink Cadillac

The Stunning @CathyKeisha in her Stunning Shelby Mustang

@DuchessCrabtree in her Dodge Viper

@GeorgeTheDuck in his Hot Rod Cadillac

@HollieCatRocks in her Lotus

@SeattleP in her smokin' Porsche
@Kittehboi in his 57 Chevy BelAir convertible

@MaggieTKat in her little Duece Coupe

@MaggieTKat in her H2 Hummer

@Meow_Girls Tippy & Penny in their Ford Thunderbirds

@PandaFur in her Impala LowRider

@PandaFur in her Classic Corvette Stingray

@ParkerSKat in his Caddy Escalade with his matching Ducati Cycle

We are restoring a London Double Decker for future use..hehe @TinyPearlCat driving

@TinyPearlCat plows the drive-way with our plow before busy night

@PumpkinPuddy in her Lamborghini Diablo

Head DJ @ShaynaCat in her 1957 Chevy Nomad

@ShaynaCat arrives for work in her Bentley Continental

@UsCoons Corzan in his classic Pontiac Trans Am Firebird

@MarioDaCat like to tear up the tracks in his Ford Fairlane Dirt Track  Racer

@TinyPearlCat hauls dignitaries in the #NipClub helicopter

#NipClub Captain @TinyPearlCat in our G-6 Jet

@Flicka47 in her Duesenburg WOW!

@MarioDaCat on his OCC American Pride Chopper
@TinyPearlCAt in our intergalactic transport ship

@tildaToo in her 1965 Pontiac Firebird 

@TinyPearlCat in our pawty bus. Also serving as designated driver after hours

@MeisRoxyThePug in her 1966 Pontiac GTO

@Spike_Cat tears up some terrain in his Land Rover

@JinJinDoggy Shows her concept car

@maebellepup preparing to run some speed laps

 @PixelDoggy zooms in her 2015 Ferrari

@PixelDoggy and @JinJinDoggy take their classic Chevy to a show.


theresa said...

We love all the hot cars! Pru's thrilled that she finally has her license to drive now *vvvrrrrrooooommmm!* Looking forward to another great night at #NipClub!
(aka @tildatoo)

Pandafur said...

when did #nipclub get da intergalaktik spaceship? Its so kewl!

MeisRoxyThePug said...

WHOOO! There I am! BOL I just had to get that out. I can't wait for this! I love looking through those pictures and seeing how great everyone looks!