May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Nipclub!

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Video by @ShaynaCat

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Poster by @kittehboi

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Please join us for Nipclub's first birthday on Thursday, May 12th, 2011 from 4PM EDT to Midnight and beyond! We encourage you to wear your favorite costume from past nipclubs... or to create something new!

Can you believe that a whole year has passed since the #nipclub Grand Opening?? And what a year it has been! I remember the first Nipclub as if it were yesterday.

Nipclub hostesses @maggietkat and @flacatlady created #nipclub as a place much like Cheers. Everyone knew your name, the house was rockin good jams, you could still light up a 'nip cigar without stepping out into the alley.

Promoter @mattiedog lined up the entertainment for the evening. He scored a coup with that superstar anipal band @shibberingC The Shibbering Cheetos.

The DJs that night were our manager and creative consultant @TheNascarKitty, @BunnyJeanCook, and @kittehboi, with a special appearance from @RudyCKat. The barktender's hands were flying as they prepared food and drink for the nipclub's elite clientele. Who can forget @JBhippo's horseradish Bloody Marys! Other DJs, please contact @kittehboi so I can add your names.

Don't worry, girls and boys, @mattiedog is still single!

@kittehboi managed our resident flirts and party girls @ersle and @autumnthedoxie.

Among the partygoers were @georgetheduck, Duck brother from another mother; @mariodacat, Ladies man about town; @pumkinpuddy, Dancing queen; and the famous @cokiethecat Hollywood Insider.

The early evening floor show was an extravaganza in the style of Buzby Berkeley with the besequined talents of @femmekatz, @danapixie, @BunnyJeanCook, @sadlovelyheart, @hollieferguson, secksy ginger boi @petiethecat, @johnson1439, @Sisfurcats, @LadyGreyFox, @PushUpsnPaws, @tildatoo and Big Bad Boy @BorisKitty.

@snick_the_dog Plain clothes police dog, was in charge of drink quality - we think!

The nipclub pole dancers @brutusthedane and @countessbonnie kept everyone entertained.

The smokin' hot Late night Floor Show featured @crazykittykat1, @dawgblogger, @tinypearlcat and smouldering temptress @sanjeethecat.

Please, if you think you should be in this list, contact @kittehboi to be added.

Each Nipclub has a different theme, and anipals have shown up in some of the most outrageous outfits this side of Mars - or in no outfits at all! @KingTuttifruiti is perhaps the most notorious of the nipclub streakers. This is a sampling of the original costumes worn in past nipclubs.
@Teenysfriends at @GeorgetheDuck's "Gotcha Day"
@thenascarkitty dressed as an owl for the "Drag" Pawty
@FreshOtis Bad Boy Biker
@MarioDaCat goes Punk for an '80s nipclub

Photo credits: Please contact @kittehboi to have photo credits added.


Mariodacat said...

Congratulations on a very successful year.

Pumpkinpuddy said...

Happy Birthday #Nipclub! What a pawsome video. I'm so honored you used one of my pics in it. I can't wait for Thursday night. I still have the dress I wore for the first #Nipclub. Maybe I should wear it again. It's pretty naughty. MOL

Bad Andy said...

ConCATulations! Thanks for the great year you guys. Fun video & pix - good times. :)

Baby Patches said...

MOL hehehe Pawsome! Can't wait until tomorrow. *high paws*

Honeybell said...

Love you all! 1 year! amazing and such a great nipclub blog! I will sure try to attend this wonderful event - I will be there in spirit in case we can't make it! xo