May 14, 2011

Nipclub 1st Birfday Noms - Archive


For the first anniversary we had some butt-kicking noms in da oven, but Blogger wouldn't cooperate. Dis an archive.


#Nipclub has the best beverages on Twitter, and for our First Anniversary bash we're offering some of our past favorites and well as a few new delights.

Stress relieving niptea #nipclub on Twitpic
Need to relax after a hard day of snoozing? Try a cup of stress relieving 'nip tea!

First on the menu is the Dirty Maggtini, named after our hostess wif da mostest, @Maggietkat.

For our feathered furends there is the delicious Ducktini. @GeorgeTheDuck optional.

If you're into urban style, you'll want @DCKitty's cosMEOWpolitan.

Group Niprum #nipclub on Twitpic
Got a big thirst? Then a Group 'NipRum is your drink!

Catnip Salmon cocktail #nipclub on Twitpic
This Catnip Salmon cocktail will have you swimming upstream.

Flaming niptini! #nipclub on Twitpic
The hottest drink at any pawty, the Flaming 'Niptini.


Why not start with dessert? Come to #Nipclub and break all the rules!

Shakes for every species. Flavors include 'nip, steak, bacon and carrot, to name a few. Available in soy for our herbivore guests.

 @sisfurcats Bugs Bunny's favorite summer treat, Slammin' Salmon Sorbet.


Nipclub appys are the best bar food on Twitter, and also make the perfect opener for a NipClub full-course meal.

 @Henryandfriends #keepfits saluds, available in prorn and krunchy vejubbls.

@void57's Lobster cocktail is sure to whet your appetite!

Tuna nip salad on nip leaves #nipclub on Twitpic
@TinyPearlCat has created a delicate, mouth-watering tuna salad on nip leaves..


Hungry for a superb Gourmet dinner? Nipclub entrees are the best of the best.

 Chef Tiger Tommy's (@TheNascarKitty) Lambchop Platter.

burger w catnip cream dressing #nipclub on Twitpic
@KingTuttifruiti's Gourmet Burger with Catnip Cream Dressing.  For the discerning palate.

cod on catnip chimi sauce #nipclub on Twitpic
Thick Cod Fillets with Chimi sauce on a bed of catnip.
@TinyPearlCat's special recipe!

@sisfurcats Chilipepper's Ultra-Spicy Fish Tacos.
Try them if you dare!

Drumsticks n nip! #nipclub on Twitpic
@TinyPearlCat's Drumsticks 'n' 'Nip. Optional bacon glaze for da goggies!

Chicken curry w Nip #nipclub on Twitpic
@TinyPearlCat has truly outdone herself with this spicy dish. Chicken Curry with 'Nip garnish - one of spicy #NipClub co-host @FlaCatLady's favorites.


George The Duck said...

Everything was awesome tasty. *rubs yellow tum* I need to exercise now. QOL

Mr. Breeze said...

We had a lot of extras of items dat not on menu for pawty. om nomnom!

Bad Andy said...

aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh *mouth waters overboard* ;) Oh, and those CLOWNfish tacos? - they tasted funny...... hahahahaha